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★ come to mr. lavi's lap

January 2009




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Dec. 11th, 2030

★ come to mr. lavi's lap


Wish my Rabi would go die in a fire? Love him to pieces? Think he uses too many hearts and tildes? Too eccentric/not outgoing enough? Here's the place to say it!! All comments are screened, anon is on, etc etc, but I'd really love to hear from you. I'd appreciate it to the max~

Aaaaand can't have a concrit post without contact info, so here ya go~ ♥ Open for any plotting/contacting/critiquing/fangirling whatever~ I love to talk (to people)! ♥

[MAIN LJ] skycatcher
[AIM] the real GARlock
[E-MAIL] the.real.garlock(@)gmail

ALSO! All of Rabi's posts/comments are assumed VOICE unless otherwise stated! It annoys him to slow down his thought process to hunt and peck at the keyboard, and it allows me to incorporate his upbeat fast-paced speech pattern. o/

Jan. 30th, 2009

★ gosh words are so hard

火 『 Twenty Four Flames 』

People should be better informed about their worlds an' histories. I bet if everyone sat down an' read about their history, they'd notice a ton of patterns. Analyze 'em an' make a "not to do" list, that'd probably clear up a ton'a problems in any place, regardless of background.

It'd be too naive 'ta say somethin' like "do what makes you happy in life" cuz that could always turn out for th' worst too. People'll always get corrupted, people'll always do what it takes 'ta survive. I don't think any one place could ever be completely peaceful.

Jan. 22nd, 2009

★ there's no titties in this book

火 『 Twenty Three Flames 』 ACTION / VOICE

[ Here's a familiar redhead that has just popped into existence at the end of a Non-Fiction aisle in a very family Library. He isn't looking up from the book in his hands, however, and manages to bump right into the bookshelf as he's about to walk out and knock a few books down. A soft curse under his breath in the language of the moment and he bends over to pick them up, hardly surprised. ]

This place again? Man, Gramps is gonna be so mad if I disappear now.

[[ ooc; Cue Lavi's re-intro! He's now canon-updated to his last appearance in chapter 171, and is going by Lavi now! A pain to change, I know, and apologies for it. I also have a new AIM, so please add the real garlock, anyone who has me on their buddy list! o/ ]]

Dec. 31st, 2008

★ do pinstripes make my arms look long

火 『 Twenty Two Flames 』

  • Learn as much as I can about the City
  • Take full advantage of the Library with texts from all different worlds
  • Learn as much as possible about everyone here
  • Make more friends
  • Use what's available and make myself stronger
  • Record everything there is to know about the City
  • If the time comes to leave-- don't forget anything I've learned

[ VOICE EDIT // 12/31/2008, 23:13 ]

Ah--!! Oh well, I don't really have anything interestin' listed anyways.

I hope everyone's havin' a good time this evening, an' don't forget 'ta eat stuff in th' shape of a ring for good luck! There's always black-eyed peas, cabbage, an' ham too, if ya don't have anything handy.

Anyone have any New Years traditions they feel like sharin' from their worlds?

[[ ooc; I hope everyone has a great New Year! It's still forty minutes away for me, but what can I say. ): Curious squirrels rabbits are curious. ]]

Dec. 25th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Twenty One Flames 』

Man, it was nice 'ta get out again after so long. I'm not really religious but I hope everyone's had a great Christmas. Things're a bit different here than back home, but it's nice all th' same.

Gift List!Collapse )

Nov. 21st, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Twenty Flames 』

Filtered to the Exorcists // Information Compilation // UnhackableCollapse )

Haha, I still have th' drafts sitting around for those curse records I've been meanin' 'ta post, but man, everyone's sick, huh? An' here I thought I had a good immune system.

I wonder if we'll have a big Thanksgiving dinner in th' Firehouse~

[[ooc; Wow that info compilation ate up this whole post. ): Also, all links are OOC, solely for reference to the posts, and all journal names linked are actually respective Network handles~ HELLO AGAIN POLY.]]

Sep. 30th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Nineteen Flames 』

[ Filtered from the Deities; ]

Though it's not much, I was wonderin' if I could ask anyone that's been here a while 'ta look over a record of th' curses I've been keeping, and lemme know if ya find anything that's happened before. I'm lookin' for patterns! Any help would be appreciated.

June 2008Collapse )

Ahhh... I'll do th' other months in a few days, I hate re-writing a whole bunch in one go. Feels like a good time for a nap in front'a the fireplace.

Oh! I almost forgot 'ta add-- Anyone lookin' for a new employee? I'm a mean secretary, and I'm pretty organized! I won't forget a thing, promise. I can pretty much do a bit of everything, so just ask!

[[ooc; Big thanks to the beloved calendar!mod for making this bit of Bookman OCD possible. o/ ♥]]

Sep. 26th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Eighteen Flames 』

So if I were to offer to cook a grand dinner tonight for all my beautiful roommates, what would everyone like~?

Private to 'Rabi' // UnhackableCollapse )

[[ooc; Let's pretend this is earlier in the afternoon because I'm made of fail? ):]]

Aug. 30th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Seventeen Flames 』

...Is it safe 'ta come home now?

That was a lotta fun, Setsuna!! We need to get together more often! Maybe plan some things so the Firehouse isn't so boring, huh?

Also, thanks to everyone that replied 'ta my post the other day-- it was fun hearin' about all your worlds!

I was pretty busy while I was hidin' out today. First, I got one'a those microwave things! It's got a pretty big manual I gotta read, but it already looks so cool! And it cooks food in minutes. Whoever invented these has 'ta be living a pretty nice life by now! I never woulda imagined somethin' like this...

Oh! Badou, I found what that phrase meant! I found a book in the library that had it.

Bust a cap; v.

1. "To shoot"

Example: I'mma bust a cap in yo' ass!

--ah, hey! Those aren't the kindsa things ya say 'ta people you just met!!

--Oh, I meant 'ta ask. Has anyone seen Allen around?

[[OOC: Sorry it's late-ish, Setsuna-mun. ;_; I'M FAR TOO EASILY DISTRACTED.]]

Aug. 25th, 2008

★ this is just a disguise for RAEP TIEMS

火 『 Sixteen Flames 』

So tell me about your worlds, City! The cultures, the races, the clothing, the technology, the land. Anything!

Aug. 20th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Fifteen Flames 』 [VOICE]

--as saying, ma'am, I really didn't--

[ A silence, then the soft shuffling of shoes in sand ]

Hmmm... this certainly isn't America anymore.. Oh! How could I've forgotten! This is the City, right... yes. I remember that particular rock, I used to read there often--

[ His voice gets louder, and there's a soft grunt as he bends down to pick up the device in the sand ]

This is nostalgic... I never would've thought I'd be back here, hahaha. But this is pretty annoying. Almost had her, too!

Ah! Hey hey, Ariel! Are ya still here? How about mmm... Riou! And Clow, and wasn't Allen here too? A lot of the old Exorcists were.. I just hope I'm not stuck here again, I was in the middle of business.

Anyone happen to know why I'm here again...?

[[OOC: SO. Rabi's cursed older, and is now THE Bookman, and looks a lot like this. (LOVELY ART THANKS TO MY DARLING RIKAMARI UNFUNF) Guess his age, srsly. Also, not much a slur left. /o/ Proooobably still in the Exorcist line of work. Don't really know though. D: And sorry for posting so late!]]

Aug. 7th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Fourteen Flames 』

Non-IC cut yaaaay~Collapse )

EDITED AT 11:48PM: Ahahaha, well lookit there! I remember that! Man, Beansprout, ya sure are boring 'ta travel with, yanno? That was one'a th' first missions we all had together! Just thinkin' about it makes me cold-- that was th' worst!

Anyways, what I really meant 'ta post for. How's Miss Dragon doin'? Did anyone ever get her outta th' ocean? Were we able 'ta get everyone else that was injured from th' other day? It took longer than I thought 'ta write all that down..

Aug. 5th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Thirteen Flames 』 [FILTERED from the Deities]

Haha, finally found somewhere suitably high enough 'ta keep a good eye out...

Wish I could be out there, but it's just 's well I keep track'a everything. Good luck, guys!

[[OOC: On top'a yer buildings, recordin' ur fail. ;D backdated to before the mission oops orz;; WORST TIME TO SET UP A DVD PLAYER? Y.]]

Jul. 30th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Twelve Flames 』 [VOICE]

This prolly ain't th' best time 'ta do all this since I'm headin' out anyways, but while I'm thinkin' of it, I wanted 'ta ask about the l--

Love is a burning thing,
and it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by wild desire,
I fell into a ring of fire...

I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down,
and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns,
the ring of fire.
The ring of fire.

The taste of love is sweet,
when hearts like ours meet.
I fell for you like a child,
Oh, but the fire went wild.

..........yeah nevermind, maybe tomo--

Breathe for love tomorrow,
'cause there's no hope for today.

[ Tapping sound of a frustrated Rabi mashing at the "record" button ]

Breathe for love tomorrow,
'cause maybe there's another w--

[ End of transmission ]

[[OOC: RABI IS A FOOL FOR TRYING A VOICE POST. Anyways, some samples. SEXY BOYS and Bokura no LOVE STYLE. O yes. Both v.faggy songs, sung by his seiyuu.]]

Jul. 27th, 2008

★ this is just a disguise for RAEP TIEMS

火 『 Eleven Flames 』

I know it's a bit late, but hey, Ariel! Yuu-chan! Beansprout! Miranda! Lenalee!

Guys, let's go enjoy the snow while we got it! I think we're in need'a some serious bonding. An' anyone else is welcome 'ta come, too! I know there's been a lotta snowball fights today, and lotsa snow angels made, but what's it hurt 'ta have some more?

Jul. 25th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Ten Flames 』

It's always a bit surprisin' when we get curses that aren't all that harmful, yanno? Yesterday was no exception. I managed 'ta keep my clothes on, too! Hahaha. One'a very few, I think. I do hope no one got too embarrassed; how was everyone?

[ Filtered from the Deities ]

So uh... ahaha, stage fright! I was meanin' 'ta ask. An' this offer's open 'ta everyone in th' City, so don't worry about all that.

Would anyone be interested in makin' an official group, to research th' City and escaping? We'd need all kindsa people, really, an' it could serve any sorta purpose, but th' main points I had in mind are as follows:

  • Library trips to scour for information
  • Scouting parties to search th' island, testing barriers an' such (like Riou)
  • Central infodump on various aspects of th' City
  • Brainstorming for ways 'ta escape

Like I said, all sortsa people would be welcomed. If ya have any sorta powers you think could help, or if ya know how 'ta make boats, or even if you're just really good at findin' info in books.

We'd prolly have meetings once a week, on one'a two days that aren't cursed, since they seem 'ta have an every-other-day pattern, or sometimes maybe once every other week, if we have a big project.

So, whaddya say, City?

[ /Filter ]

Jul. 8th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Nine Flames 』

Heeey Yuu-chan, Yuu-chan!! I found this cute girl when I went 'ta read on th' beach! Would ya mind if I bring 'er home? She can't talk, but she's super sweet!

Ah-- I need to head to th' library again, then..

It's been kinda boring lately, but at least we got more new people, huh? Keeps things interesting!

An' just outta curiosity; any recommendations for things 'ta see an' places 'ta go in Xanadu? I haven't been there yet, but I wanna check it out, an' if anyone wants 'ta go with, I'd love th' company!

[[OOC: lol oops, backdated to yesterday evening, when Ariel intro'd, so let's play pretend. ♥]]

Jun. 29th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Eight Flames 』

Auuuugh... Yuu-chan, ya didn't hafta hit me so hard!

I can't believe I was out for so long... It's already morning...


Can anyone tell me about 'um? What happened?

I need somethin' 'ta read, time for another library trip.

[[OOC: OKAY SO. Kanda went to knock some sense into Rabi before he did anything stupid on Amigara day.. literally. Clonked him real hard on the head and he slept all through the second day. Watch him be an hero. >uOb]]

Jun. 26th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Seven Flames 』 [VIDEO]

[ He's toting the device, shaky and bouncing with his steps, soft and yet urgent. Is he... jogging? Skipping? You can't see him, but he's speaking softly as he leaves the Firehouse, and the camera moves too much to really make out details unless you know the area. Not an experienced filmer here. ]

I know it's late an' all, dunno if anyone's awake. But... is anyone else hearin' music? I was readin' an' it just seemed 'ta come through th' window... Haha, it's cold out, I shoulda brought my coat.. I figured it was worth lookin' into-- it's kinda callin' 'ta me..

...Th' forest...?

[ The camera stills, and he's stopped. His breathing's audible, and it's all you hear for a moment, a slight shuffle as he adjusts his weight from one foot to the other, tapping the toe of his boot on the ground. He fiddles with something on the side of the device and then you can hear the faintest bit of the music being picked up, lol environment mics. ]

This is turnin' out 'ta be quite th' mystery!

[ Oops, there went the picture again-- skipping jogging towards the source again. He's quiet for a long while, sounds of his steps, breathing, and the light tune in the background the only sound. When he comes to a stop, though, the picture's something that might... be really kinda creepy. There's another pregnant pause, and the Bookman is slowly panning the camera, walking into the cliff bed, before the device is dropped, and Rabi steps into view, back to the camera. ]

O-oi... is that... ...me...?

[ It's still dark, but the light on the camera shows just enough-- Rabi walks forward, hands running along the sides of the cliff, leaning over to look inside, before he gives it a test, slipping the toe of his boot in the left leg opening. ]

Haha, hey, Allen, Yuu-chan-- this is... this is weird, right? It's... it's a hole, just for me... This is my hole, right?...

[[OOC: AHAHAHAHAHAHA I BEAT YOU ALL. >33333 I called it first!! *dances* Anyhoo, hasn't gone in yet, can provide some good information. Curiousity sucked the Bookman!cat into a cat-shaped hole and turned it into a tortured noodle monster, right? ♥ And since I don't wanna like... drag all of Poly into this by force~


May. 23rd, 2008

★ do pinstripes make my arms look long


[ He whistled a faint tune as he led the motley crew on, walking alongside Clow, as he really had no idea where he was going. He had his share of the packed lunch slung over his shoulder, also containing a folded-up bag to carry back any books he checked out.

It was a familiar smell as they walked through the main entrance-- of dated tomes, yellowed pages, old glue, leather, and a faint undertone of that smell left behind after cleaning-- all the things that made a library a library. This one certainly seemed no different from any libraries he'd visited before, maybe bigger. But it was the City, after all, and the City liked to play dirty. He wasn't certain he'd find anything he was looking for, or anyone else for that matter, but it didn't hurt to have some faith.

He turned around with a grin, brimming with excitement, and addressed the small troupe. ]

Well, here we are! Let's dig into some books! Convene in a couple hours 'ta eat lunch, all right? We'll head outside an' find a nice place 'ta settle down. If anyone needs help, let one of us know, 'kay?

[[OOC: All right, here we go! o/ It's exactly 12 o' clock, and here's the open action post for the library outing troupe. Let's mingle, people! Comment and interact wherever, it's free game. If you can't make it but want to, feel free to assume and post later~! ♥]]

May. 10th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Five Flames 』

Ahhhh, I'm sorry everyone! Th' weather got so bad an' I totally forgot about th' library. Maybe in a couple days when th' weather clears up, eh? I'll make a super good lunch 'ta make up fer it! Clow-san, do you like soba, by any chance...?

In the meantime, what kinda stuff do ya do on rainy days, City?

May. 8th, 2008

★ this is just a disguise for RAEP TIEMS

火 『 Four Flames 』

Na~ Clow-san, did ya still wanna go to the library?

Would anyone else like 'ta tag along~? It'll be fun~! ♥ We can make a picnic out of it, too! Maybe I'll bring some'a this cake, I had'ta try after seein' all the nice ones on th' Network. Haha, I'm kinda clumsy with th' icing though.

Th' cupcakes didn't come out bad though!! Lenalee, Miranda, Allen~! Stop on by and grab a piece or two!

Apr. 26th, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Three Flames 』

[Filtered to: EXORCISTS]

Roll call? Who all d'we got here? Do we know which Noah are here? How many'a you guys have your Innocence? Mine's pretty beat up, but it's showin' signs 'a fixin' itself.

An' what's up with this place? I've seen all sorts'a weird people comin' in an' out. Don't we have a headquarters or somethin'?


Saa~! Still a little sore, but I think I'm about all healed up! Yuu-chan~ I can't thank ya enough~ Sorry I haven't been out an' about much.

Anyone kind enough 'ta tell me if th' library's got soba cookbooks? What kinda people do we got here? If anyone'd be willing, I'd like to talk 'ta some'a the people here~ ♥

Mar. 23rd, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 Two Flames 』

H-hello...? Panda-jii? I finished readi--

.....Wh-where'd everyone... go...?

...Hello? Someone, please! It hurts...

[[OOC: Have a little four-year old Rabi wandering around outside the Firehouse, sustaining injuries from his arrival. Also, backdated ...ten minutes, cuz Easter dinner lasts way longer than any dinner ever should. =A=; Mostly reserved for Kanda-panda~~ ♥ He's a big crybaby and will ask lots and lots of questions once he trusts you. ♥]]

Mar. 22nd, 2008

★ come to mr. lavi's lap

火 『 One Flame 』

Uwahhhh-- this is so cool!! To think, things like this even exist... These letters will take a bit to get used to--

Is this even gonna work?

Saa~ Anyone out there kind enough 'ta explain this place to an incapacitated, handsome young man?

And I wonder if any of ya have seen a Japanese guy with long hair and a sword? He's hard 'ta miss-- normally looks real annoyed, hair in a ponytail, black and white coat? Any help is appreciated!

[[OOC: So Rabi's gonna start the arduous task of poking around the Network and reading EVERYONE'S posts while he's in bed, but he won't comment on a lot. Just know that you're being read, and you're being memorized. >D]]